Skylar’s 4th Birthday Party!

Skylar is so excited to celebrate her 4th birthday at one of her favourite places but Skylar also wants to help fight cancer — specifically Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma, which her big brother Liam recently fought and is winning!  🙂

Using the link here, in lieu of gifts you can make a donation to Liam’s Brigade for Neuroblastoma Research in Skylar’s honour. (You will receive a tax receipt for any donation over $20.) Don’t worry! We will make sure Skylar gets all the birthday gifts she’s been asking for. Now that’s something to celebrate!

Your support for Liam’s Brigade directly goes to Neuroblastoma research in collaboration with her brother Liam’s medical team at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Despite many promising new treatments, close to half of kids diagnosed with High Risk Neuroblastoma won’t survive. National funding for cancer research only secures 4% of the annual budget for all pediatric cancers, leaving minimal specifically for Neuroblastoma.  The goal of Liam’s Brigade is to help extinguish this pediatric cancer by raising money to fund new clinical trials that could save the lives of these kids – the majority of whom are under 5 years old.

Thank you and for more information, please visit